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Create Facebook Page With Blank Name.

how to create nameless facebook page

Page without name getting viral

Recently Facebook launced new feature on its site called photo comments . At lanch it was available only for some pages but now any page cant enable / disable photo comments using admin panel. This feature is now used only for getting LIKES on comments . unlike before we can now only see photo comments everywhere.

While I was surfing on facebook and comment caught my attention There was a page that had no name and commented “Everybody Noticed I made a Comment No One Noticed I dont have a name” and that comment became so viral that It got 142,000+ Likes and 36K+ replies ! Even I was shocked so I just opened that page and saw thousands of people asking that how is it possible and how did he did it and worst thing that pages admin was showing a too attitude. So I decided to post a article on techtreat that how to create such facebook page with empty name. Ok so lets start

Steps for creating and empty facebook page

  • First Go to this link
  • then you will see various categories for creating facebook page but I recommend Cause or Community


  • The after clicking on Cause or Community . Facebook will ask for a page name .
  • So this is the most importnant step copy and paste code below carefully there .  They are spaces but not normal :)


  • Then go and paste it there and paste it there.
  • If you get error called “Page name already exist” then try other category or pasted code twice , trice or remove 1 – 2 spaces.
  • Congrats , You create your first facebook page without name
  • So now I will give you some tips to increase its like
  • Download Image below


  • Then login via facebook page you created
  • then like some famous page with huge number of likes.
  • then make above photocomment and enjoy

So this was a tutorial on creating blank facebook page . if you have any problem please drop a comment below we are always ready to help you


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About Pravin Purohit

Pravin Purohit is a web developer and coder. He is expert in SEO , Social media marketing , creating android / iOS Apps etc. He is from Maharashtra India.
  • Rakesh

    I Appreciate it dude. works

  • Vinayak Koushal

    Thanks Pravin , You Rock

  • Devendra Meena

    not working bro..they have upgraded the issue :p

  • Pravin Purohit

    @AskDk:disqus It works still. I just checked now.
    If you are having issue try removing / adding some blank space.

  • Çîbéř Ƨtålkêŗ

    I’ve tried many times and checked all categories but it doesn’t work :(

  • Pravin Purohit

    Contact me on facebook . I will create one and make you manager. :)

  • Devendra Meena

    Would you please create for me and made admin of that .. than you

  • Pravin Purohit

    I have already created it and will PM you on Facebook

  • Pravin Purohit

    Thanks for your comment !

  • Sibtain

    i also tried it but it aint working -_-

  • ghilli

    same here ;(

  • Sibtain

    (Y) gr8 work…

  • Akshay

    amazing bro thanks you made my day. (Y)

  • Pravin Purohit

    Thanks For Your Comment :) Glad you like it.

  • Pravin Purohit

    Can you please share your page url cause many of them are shouting that this trick doesn’t works now!

  • Vilmos Péter Zsolnai

    could you make one for me? it doesn’t work for me too

  • Pravin Purohit

    @vilmospterzsolnai:disqus Shoot a personal message on my Facebook ID :)

  • Beloved

    Don’t work for me, create me one please? I added and messaged you on FB

  • Shreyas

    amazing , this is wat i was searching for . Thanks yarrr..

  • sahil jajodia

    Hey it is not working for me ……can you make and give me please??

  • Pravin Purohit

    I have found another method as this one if patched I will update the post soon.

  • Dariush

    hey can i have one too tryed as well but no chances my name on Facebook is Dariush Firoozian

    thanks !

  • Dariush

    my name is Dariush Firoozian i followed you but i can’t add you cause I’m blocked it would be appreciated if you make one for me aswell thanks !

  • kya yawr

    Code didnt worked for me :(

  • kya yawr

    please help me

  • kya yawr

    i am receiving this shit (Our automated system will not allow the name. If you still want to create a new Page, choose a different name like ‘Fans of)

  • ʌɐɹnos ɹɐɯnʞ

    getting this ~~> Creating content with this name is not allowed. Try another name.

    plz help :(

  • Anurag Bansal


  • Chesterrocker

    Unfortunately it ain’t working for me :( I would really appreciate if anyone can create a nameless page and make me the admin :)

  • King Ayrtton Leon

    help i tried it but it doesnt work!

  • Abishiekh Jain

    not coming dude its says that facebook cannot aceept these

  • Zipho

    also having trouble creating the page, please help.

  • Mehul

    whould u plz make for me!!

  • Cen Silver

    Our automated system will not allow the name
    “ㅤㅤㅤㅤ”. If you still want to create a new Page, choose a different name
    like ‘Unofficial ㅤㅤㅤㅤ’. Learn More

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